Having a strong password actually can prevent most attacks.

Just because a device is new does not mean it’s safe.

Even the very best software has security vulnerabilities.

Every website and app should use HTTPS.

The cloud is not safe — it just creates new security problems.

Software updates are crucial for your protection.

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  • Kali Linux 2021.3 Release (OpenSSL, Kali-Tools, Kali Live VM Support, Kali NetHunter Smartwatch) September 14, 2021
    Today we have released the newest version of Kali Linux, 2021.3 (quarter #3), which is now ready for download or updating. A summary of the changes since the 2021.2 release from June are: OpenSSL - Wide compatibility by default - Keep reading for what that means New Kali-Tools site - Following the footsteps of Kali-Docs, […]
  • Kali Linux 2021.2 Release (Kaboxer, Kali-Tweaks, Bleeding-Edge & Privileged Ports) June 1, 2021
    Say hello to Kali Linux 2021.2! This release welcomes a mixture of new items as well as enhancements of existing features, and is ready to be downloaded (from our updated page) or upgraded if you have an existing Kali Linux installation. A quick summary of the changelog since the 2021.1 release from February 2021 is:
  • Kaboxer - Kali Applications Boxer May 25, 2021
    On and off for the last 18 months we have been working on Kaboxer, and just before Kali 2021.1, it is ready to say “Hello World” (then it will start shipping you applications). TL;DR - What is this? What is the name about, Kaboxer? Kali Applications Boxer What does that mean?
Data Security Services Philadelphia PA

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  • The Power of Developer-First Security October 11, 2021
    Developers want to write good code. Secure code. Tools that optimize developer workflows for handling security issues can take a large burden off security practitioners and make triaging, understanding, prioritizing, and resolving vulnerabilities much easier and faster for the developer. That’s what DevSecOps is all about. One company that has developed such tools is GitLab. […]
  • Building a More Secure AppDev Process September 20, 2021
    Enterprises that integrate security testing into their CI/CD pipeline fix 91.4 percent of new issues, according to a progress report from ShiftLeft. Recent software supply chain attacks illustrate the growing risks businesses, their partners, and customers face. But a recent report suggests better outcomes for those who put security at the heart of app development. Data from […]
  • Web App and API Security Needs to Be Modernized: Here’s How August 31, 2021
    Applications are critical for doing business. They are also the weakest links in many an organization’s security chain. Many APIs continue to expose the personally identifiable information of customers, employees and contractors. As OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) notes on its API Security Project homepage: “By nature, APIs expose application logic and sensitive data […]
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