Having a strong password actually can prevent most attacks.

Just because a device is new does not mean it’s safe.

Even the very best software has security vulnerabilities.

Every website and app should use HTTPS.

The cloud is not safe — it just creates new security problems.

Software updates are crucial for your protection.

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  • Kali Linux 2023.2 Release (Hyper-V & PipeWire) May 30, 2023
    Quick off the mark from previous 10 year anniversary, Kali Linux 2023.2 is now here. It is ready for immediate download or upgrading if you have an existing Kali Linux installation. The changelog highlights over the last few weeks since March’s release of 2023.1 is: New VM image for Hyper-V - With “Enhanced Session Mode” […]
  • Happy 10th anniversary & Kali's story far March 29, 2023
    Wednesday 13th, March 2013, 10 years ago, Kali Linux v1.0 was first released. Today we want to celebrate Kali’s 10th anniversary! Time has flown. And gosh, a lot has changed since then! They grow up so fast! This is the story of how Kali came to be, and some of the challenges along the way. […]
  • Kali Linux 2023.1 Release (Kali Purple & Python Changes) March 13, 2023
    Today we are releasing Kali 2023.1 (and on our 10th anniversary)! It will be ready for immediate download or updating by the time you have finished reading this post. Given its our 10th anniversary, we are delighted to announce there are a few special things lined up to help celebrate. Stay tuned for a blog […]
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