Having a strong password actually can prevent most attacks.

Just because a device is new does not mean it’s safe.

Even the very best software has security vulnerabilities.

Every website and app should use HTTPS.

The cloud is not safe — it just creates new security problems.

Software updates are crucial for your protection.

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  • Kali Linux (is) Everywhere! January 11, 2023
    One of the primary goals of Kali Linux is to put the tools you need as close to you as possible. Over the years this has resulted in a number of different ways to get Kali, but not everyone knows about all the options! In this post we are going to do an overview of […]
  • Kali Linux 2022.4 Release (Azure, Social & Kali NetHunter Pro) December 6, 2022
    Before the year is over, we thought it was best to get the final 2022 release out. Today we are publishing Kali Linux 2022.4. This is ready for immediate download or updating existing installations. A summary of the changelog since August’s 2022.3 release: Microsoft Azure - We are back on the Microsoft Azure store More […]
  • Remotely Accessing Secure Kali Pi November 28, 2022
    In Secure Kali Pi (2022), the first blog post in the Raspberry Pi series, we set up a Raspberry Pi 4 with full disk encryption. We mentioned that we can leave it somewhere as a drop box. This brought up the question, “If it is not on my local network how do I connect to […]
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