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Computers Xcetera, INC. is a full-service computer consulting and installation firm. We offer a comprehensive range of services to help businesses protect their valuable assets. Computers Xcetera works closely with its clients to address each of their computer needs and concerns without disrupting their ability to do business. We offer a unique perspective on how information should be stored, secured and productivity can be achieved.

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Facebook accounts compromised every day.


Employees steal corporate data when they quit or are fired.

Cyber Attacks Every Day in the United States.

Why The Cloud is Not for Everyone

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Unlike a data center, which is run by an in-house IT department, the cloud is an off-premise system in which users outsource their data needs to a third party provider. The provider does everything from performing all updates and maintenance to managing security.
Any time you store data on the Internet, you are at risk for a cyberattack. This is particularly problematic on the cloud, where volumes of data are stored by all types of users on the same cloud system.
Just as cyber attacks are on the rise, so are security breaches from the inside like Vodafone’s breach of 2 million customer records and the Edward Snowden breach at the NSA.

With the recent NSA leaks and the ensuing reports on government surveillance programs, competitors aren’t the only ones who may want to take a peek at your data.

Risks associated with the cloud are not limited to security breaches. They also include its aftermath, such as lawsuits filed by or against you.
What makes a cloud “safe”? A provider could have the latest security features, but due to the general lack of cloud standardization, there are no clear-cut guidelines unifying cloud providers. Further, given the plethora of cloud services in different sectors, this is especially problematic for users when determining exactly how “safe” their cloud really is.
Imagine being unable to access your cloud before a big meeting or, worse, being in the middle of a cyberattack that has taken down your entire bread and butter —your website. Now imagine trying to contact your provider, only to find that their customer service is nonexistent. While some cloud providers have excellent customer support, others could leave you in the cold.
The biggest risk when it comes to cloud computing is that you never know what is up ahead. Hackers have been around from the start and they are not going anywhere any time soon. And as technology advances, so do the risks that come with adopting them.

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