top software companies philadelphia


top software companies philadelphia
Owner | Spiros Georgopanos

Spiros Georgopanos has been consulting, training and installing from small to mid sized business for over 15 years. Spiros helps all his clients be able to accelerate to the next level of success by not only looking at the IT needs but the entire business. Over the years he has built and sold multiple brick and mortar businesses and has implemented many levels of theft prevention and productivity using technology. He has a degree from Saint Josephs University in Bio–Chemistry which is where he gets his attention to detail.

Let Spiros help you get results,
If you can think of it we can create it!

Computers Xcetera, INC. is a full-service consulting/installation firm. We offer a comprehensive range of services to help businesses protect their valuable assets. Computers Xcetera works closely with its clients to address each client’s needs and concerns without disrupting their ability to do business. We offer a unique perspective on how information should be stored, secured and productivity can be achieved. There is not a one size fits all Network or software out there. Large hardware companies have made it very simple for the home user to achieve network connectivity throughout their homes but a business is different. If one is storing customer information, conducting credit card transactions, there are certain factors and regulations that come into play. We can help guide to achieve those goals. We can help design software if absolutely necessary, if we cannot find something that will do the job for you. We do not like to put band aids on a project that is already in place, we will evaluate and try to make the necessary corrections needed to allow your business to do what is needed and have room to grow.


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